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The idea is particularly adaptable in localities where bathing beaches are few, as people naturally like such conveniences. The automobile has caused a great system of public highways to be built throughout the United States. On practically every one of these highways there is a suitable spot for a "Cabin City" for tourists which can be turned into a regular money-making mint by the man with the IMAGINATION and SELF-CONFIDENCE to do it. There are opportunities to make money all around you. This course was designed to help you see these opportunities, and to inform you how to make the most of them after you discover them.


RAILROAD OFFICIALS who want a better spirit of co-operation between their trainmen and the public they serve.

SALARIED PEOPLE who wish to increase their earning power and market their services to better advantage.

SALESPEOPLE who wish to become masters in their chosen field. The Law of Success philosophy covers every known law of selling, and includes many features not included in any other course.

INDUSTRIAL PLANT MANAGERS who understand the value of greater harmony among their employees.

RAILROAD EMPLOYEES who wish to establish records of efficiency which will lead to more responsible positions, with greater pay.

MERCHANTS who wish to extend their business by adding new customers. The Law of Success philosophy will help any merchant increase his business by teaching him how to make a walking advertisement of every customer who comes into his store. AUTOMOBILE AGENTS who wish to increase the selling power of their salesmen. A large part of the Law of Success course was developed from the lifework and experience of the greatest automobile salesman living, and it is therefore of unusual help to the Sales Manager who is directing the efforts of Automobile Salesmen.LIFE INSURANCE AGENTS who wish to add new policy-holders and increase the insurance on present policy-holders. One Life Insurance Salesman, in Ohio, sold a Fifty Thousand Dollar policy to one of the officials of the Central Steel Company, as the result of but one reading of the lesson on "Profiting by Failures." This same salesman has become one of the star men of the New York Life Insurance Company's staff, as the result of his training in the Fifteen Laws of Success. SCHOOL TEACHERS who wish to advance to the top in their present occupation, or who are looking for an opportunity to enter the more profitable field of business as a life-work.


STUDENTS, both College and High School, who are undecided as to what field of endeavour they wish to enter as a life-work. The Law of Success course covers a complete Personal Analysis service which helps the student of the philosophy to determine the work for which he or she is best fitted. BANKERS who wish to extend their business through better and more courteous methods of serving their clients. BANK CLERKS who are ambitious to prepare themselves for executive positions in the field of banking, or in some commercial or industrial field. PHYSICIANS and DENTISTS who wish to extend their practice without violating the ethics of their profession by direct advertising. A prominent physician has said that the Law of Success course is worth $1,000.00 to any professional man or woman whose professional ethics prevent direct advertising.

PROMOTERS who wish to develop new and heretofore unworked combinations in business or industry. The principle described in this Introductory Lesson is said to have made a small fortune for a man who used it as the basis of a real estate promotion. REAL ESTATE MEN who wish new methods for promoting sales. This Introductory Lesson contains a description of an entirely new real-estate promotion plan which is sure to make fortunes for many who will put it to use. This plan may be put into operation in practically every State. Moreover, it may be employed by men who never promoted an enterprise. FARMERS who wish to discover new methods of marketing their products so as to give them greater net returns, and those who own lands suitable for subdivision promotion under the plan referred to at the end of this Introductory Lesson. Thousands of farmers have "gold mines" in the land they own which is not suitable for cultivation, which could be used for recreation and resort purposes, on a highly profitable basis.

STENOGRAPHERS and BOOKKEEPERS who are looking for a practical plan to promote themselves into higher and better paying positions. The Law of Success course is said to be the best course ever written on the subject of marketing personal services. PRINTERS who want a larger volume of business and more efficient production as the result of better cooperation among their own employees. DAY LABORERS who have the ambition to advance into more responsible positions, in work that has greater responsibilities and consequently offers more pay. LAWYERS who wish to extend their clientele through dignified, ethical methods which will bring them to the attention, in a favorable way, of a greater number of people who need legal services.

Law of attraction

BUSINESS EXECUTIVES who wish to expand their present business, or who wish to handle their present volume with less expense, as the result of greater co-operation between their employees. LAUNDRY OWNERS who wish to extend their business by teaching their drivers how to serve more courteously and efficiently.LIFE INSURANCE GENERAL AGENTS who wish bigger and more efficient sales organizations. CHAIN STORE MANAGERS who want a greater volume of business as the result of more efficient individual sales efforts. MARRIED PEOPLE who are unhappy, and therefore unsuccessful, because of lack of harmony and cooperation in the home. To all described in the foregoing classification the Law of Success philosophy offers both DEFINITE and SPEEDY aid.

Robert Louis Stevenson.


The purpose of this summary is to aid the student in mastering the central idea around which the lesson has been developed. This idea is represented by the term Master Mind, which has been described in great detail throughout the lesson. All new ideas, and especially those of an abstract nature, find lodgement in the human mind only after much repetition, a well-known truth, which accounts for the re-statement, in this summary, of the principle known as the Master Mind. A Master Mind may be developed by a friendly alliance, in a spirit of harmony of purpose, between two or more minds. This is an appropriate place at which to explain that out of every alliance of minds, whether in a spirit of harmony or not, there is developed another mind which affects all participating in the alliance. No two or more minds ever met without creating, out of the contact, another mind, but not always is this invisible creation a Master Mind. There may be, and altogether too often there is, developed out of the meeting of two or more minds a negative power which is just the opposite to a Master Mind.

There are certain minds which, as has already been stated throughout this lesson, cannot be made to blend in a spirit of harmony. This principle has its comparable analogy in chemistry, reference to which may enable the student to grasp more clearly the principle here referred to. For example, the chemical formula H2O (meaning the combining of two atoms of hydrogen with one atom of oxygen) changes these two elements into water.

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