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This Introductory Lesson, while not really intended as a separate lesson of the Law of Success course, contains sufficient data to enable the student who has an aptitude for selling to become a Master Salesman. Any sales organization may make effective use of the law of the Master Mind by grouping the salesmen in groups of two or more people who will ally themselves in a spirit of friendly co-operation and apply this law as suggested in this lesson. An agent for a well known make of automobile, who employs twelve salesmen, has grouped his organization in six groups of two men each, with the object of applying the law of the Master Mind, with the result that all the salesmen have established new high sales records. This same organization has created what it calls the "One-A-Week Club," meaning that each man belonging to the Club has averaged the sale of one car a week since the Club was organized.

The results of this effort have been surprising to all! Each man belonging to the Club was provided with a list of 100 prospective purchasers of automobiles. Each salesman sends one postal card a week to each of his 100 prospective purchasers, and makes personal calls on at least ten of these each day. Each postal card is confined to the description of but one advantage of the automobile the salesman is selling, and asks for a personal interview. Interviews have increased rapidly, as have, also, sales! The agent who employs these salesmen has offered an extra cash bonus to each salesman who earns the right to membership in the "One-A-Week Club" by averaging one car a week. The plan has injected new vitality into the entire organization. Moreover, the results of the plan are showing in the weekly sales record of each salesman. A similar plan could be adopted very effectively by Life Insurance Agencies. Any enterprising General Agent might easily double or even triple the volume of his business, with the same number of salesmen, through the use of this plan.

Practically no changes whatsoever would need to be made in the method of use of the plan. The Club might be called the "Policy-A Week Club," meaning that each member pledged himself to sell at least one policy, of an agreed minimum amount, each week. The student of this course who has mastered the second lesson, and understands how to apply the fundamentals of that lesson (A Definite Chief Aim) will be able to make much more effective use of the plan here described. It is not suggested or intended that any student shall undertake to apply the principles of this lesson, which is merely an Introductory Lesson, until he has mastered at least the next five lessons of the Law of Success course. 

Law of Attraction

The main purpose of this Introductory Lesson is to state some of the principles upon which the course is founded. These principles are more accurately described, and the student is taught in a very definite manner how to apply them, in the individual lessons of the course.

The automobile sales organization referred to in this summary meets at luncheon once a week. One hour and a half is devoted to luncheon and to the discussion of ways and means of applying the principles of this course. This gives each man an opportunity to profit by the ideas of all the other members of the organization. Two tables are set for the luncheon. At one table all who have earned the right to membership in the One- A-Week Club are seated. At the other table, which is serviced with tin ware instead of china, all who did not earn the right to membership in the Club are seated. These, needless to say, become the object of considerable good-natured chiding from the more fortunate members seated at the other table.

It is possible to make an almost endless variety of adaptations of this plan, both in the field of automobile salesmanship and in other fields of selling. The justification for its use is that it pays! It pays not only the leader or manager of the organization, but every member of the sales force as well. This plan has been briefly described for the purpose of showing the student of this course how to make practical application of the principles outlined in this course.

The final acid test of any theory or rule or principle is that it will ACTUALLY WORK! The law of the Master Mind has been proved sound because it WORKS. If you understand this law you are now ready to proceed with Lesson Two, in which you will be further and much more deeply initiated in the application of the principles described in this Introductory Lesson.



An After-the-Lesson Visit With the Author

The Six Spectres are labelled:

  • Fear of Poverty,
  • Fear of Death,
  • Fear of Ill-Health,
  • Fear of the Loss of Love,
  • Fear of Old Age,
  • Fear of Criticism.

Every person on earth is afraid of something. Most fears are inherited. In this essay you may study the six basic fears which do the most damage. Your fears must be mastered before you can win in any worthwhile undertaking in life. Find out how many of the six fears are bothering you, but mo re important than this, determine, also how to conquer these fears. IN this picture you have the opportunity to study our six worst enemies. These enemies are not beautiful.

The artist who drew this picture did not paint the six characters as ugly as they really are. If he had, no one would have believed him. As you read about these ugly characters analyze yourself and find out which of them does YOU the most damage! The purpose of this essay is to help the readers of this course throw off these deadly enemies. Observe that the six characters are at your back, where you cannot conveniently see them.

Every human being on this earth is bound down to some extent by one or more of these unseen FEARS.

The first step to be taken in killing off these enemies is to find out where and how you acquired them. They got their grip upon you through two forms of heredity. One is known as physical heredity, to which Darwin devoted so much study.

The other is known as social heredity, through which the fears, superstitions and beliefs of men who lived during the dark ages have been passed on from one generation to another. Let us study, first, the part that physical heredity has played in creating these six BASIC FEARS. Starting at the beginning, we find that Nature has been a cruel builder.

From the lowest form of life to the highest, Nature has permitted the stronger to prey upon the weaker forms of animal life. The fish prey upon the worms and insects, eating them bodily. Birds prey upon the fish. Higher forms of animal life prey upon the birds, and upon one another, all the way up the line to man. And, man preys upon all the other lower forms of animal life, and upon MAN! The whole story of evolution is one unbroken chain of evidence of cruelty and destruction of the weaker by the stronger.

No wonder the weaker forms of animal life have learned to FEAR the stronger. The Fear consciousness is born in every living animal. So much for the FEAR instinct that came to us through physical heredity. Now let us examine social heredity, and find out what part it has played in our make-up. The term social heredity has reference to everything that we are taught, everything we learn or gather from observation and experience with other living beings. 

Lay aside any prejudices and fixed opinions you may have formed, at least temporarily, and you may know the truth about your Six Worst Enemies, starting with: THE FEAR OF POVERTY!

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