17 04 2015



Begin by reading The Science of Power, by Benjamin Kidd, and you will have broken the strangle hold of most of your Six Basic Fears. Follow this by reading Emerson's essay on Compensation. Then select some good book on auto-suggestion (self-suggestion) and inform yourself on the principle through which your beliefs of today become the realities of tomorrow. Mind In the Making, by Robinson, will give you a good start toward understanding your own mind. Through the principle of social heredity the IGNORANCE and SUPERSTITION of the dark ages have been passed on to you. But, you are living in a modern age. On every hand you may see evidence that every EFFECT has a natural CAUSE. Begin, now, to study effects by their causes and soon you will emancipate your mind from the burden of the Six Basic Fears. 

Begin by studying men who have accumulated great wealth, and find out the CAUSE of their achievements. Henry Ford is a good subject to start with. Within the short period of twenty-five years he has whipped POVERTY and made himself the most powerful man on earth. There was no luck or chance or accident back of his achievement. It grew out of his careful observation of certain principles, which are as available to you as they were to him. Henry Ford is not bound down by the Six Basic Fears; make no mistake about this. If you feel that you are too far away from Ford to study him accurately, then begin by selecting two people whom you know close at hand; one representing your idea of FAILURE and the other corresponding to your idea of SUCCESS. 

Find out what made one a failure and the other a success. Get the real FACTS. In the process of gathering these facts you will have taught yourself a great lesson on CAUSE and EFFECT. Nothing ever just "happens." Everything, from the lowest animal form that creeps on the earth or swims in the seas, on up to man, is the EFFECT of Nature's evolutionary process. Evolution is "orderly change." No "miracles" are connected with this orderly change. Not only do the physical shapes and colors of animals undergo slow, orderly change from one generation to another, but the mind of man is also undergoing constant change.


Herein lies your hope for improvement. You have the power to force your mind through a process of rather quick change. In a single month of properly directed self-suggestion you may place your foot upon the neck of every one of your Six Basic Fears. In twelve months of persistent effort you may drive the entire herd into the corner where it will never again do you any serious injury.


Law of Attraction


You will resemble, tomorrow, the DOMINATING THOUGHTS that you keep alive in your mind today! Plant in your mind the seed of DETERMINATION to whip your Six Basic Fears and the battle will have been half won then and there.  Keep this intention in your mind and it will slowly push your Six Worst Enemies out of sight, as they exist nowhere except in your own mind.


The man who is powerful FEARS nothing; not even God. The POWERFUL man loves God, but FEARS Him never!


Enduring power never grows out of FEAR. Any power that is built upon FEAR is bound to crumble and disintegrate. Understand this great truth and you will never be so unfortunate as to try to raise yourself to power through the FEARS of other people who may owe you temporary allegiance.


Man is of soul and body formed for deeds


Of high resolve; on fancy's boldest wing


To soar unwearied, fearlessly to turn


The keenest pangs to peacefulness, and taste


The joys which mingled sense and spirit yield;


Or he is formed for abjectness and woe,


To grovel on the dunghill of his fears,


To shrink at every sound, to quench the flame


Of natural love in sensualism  to know


That hour as blest when on his worthless days


The frozen hand of death shall set its seal,


Yet fear the cure, though hating the disease.


The one is man that shall hereafter be,


The other, man as vice has made him now.




ONE of the most destructive evils is slanderous talk. It breaks human hearts and ruins reputations with a ruthlessness unknown in connection with all other evils.