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The Law of Success , Law 1 Introduction, by Napoleon Hill

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Personal Development

The author is grateful for having enjoyed the privilege of enlisting the services of the most powerful men on earth, in the building of the Law of Success course. That privilege has been remuneration enough for the work done, if nothing more were ever received for it.

These men have been the back-bone and the foundation and the skeleton of American business, finance, industry and statesmanship. The Law of Success course epitomizes the philosophy and the rules of procedure, which made each of these men a great power in his chosen field of endeavour. It has been the author's intention to present the course in the plainest and most simple terms available, so it could be mastered by very young men and young women, of the high school age.

With the exception of the psychological law referred to in Lesson One as the Master Mind, the author lays no claim to having created anything basically new in this course. What he has done, however, has been to organize old truths and known laws into PRACTICAL, USABLE FORM, where they may be properly interpreted and applied by the workaday man whose needs call for a philosophy of simplicity.

In passing upon the merits of the Law of Success Judge Elbert H. Gary said: "Two outstanding features connected with the philosophy impress me most. One is the simplicity with which it has been presented, and the other is the fact that its soundness is so obvious to all that it will be immediately accepted."

The student of this course is warned against passing judgment upon it before having read the entire sixteen lessons. This especially applies to this Introduction, in which it has been necessary to include brief reference to subjects of a more or less technical and scientific nature. The reason for this will be obvious after the student has read the entire sixteen lessons.

The student who takes up this course with an open mind, and sees to it that his or her mind remains "open" until the last lesson shall have been read, will be richly rewarded with a broader and more accurate view of life as a whole.

Contents of This Introductory Lesson

1. POWER what it is and how to create and use it.

2. CO-OPERATION - the psychology of co-operative effort and how to use it constructively.

3. THE MASTER MIND -how it is created through harmony of purpose and effort, between two or more people.

4. HENRY FORD, THOMAS A. EDISON and HARVEY S. FIRESTONE - the secret of their power and wealth.

5. THE "BIG SIX" how they made the law of the "Master Mind" yield them a profit of more than $25,000,000.00 a year.

6. IMAGINATION - how to stimulate it so that it will create practical plans and new ideas.

7. TELEPATHY - how thought passes from one mind to another through the ether. Every brain both a broadcasting and a receiving station for thought.

8. HOW SALESMEN and PUBLIC SPEAKERS "sense" or "tune in" on the thoughts of their audiences.

9. VIBRATION - described by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the Long Distance Telephone.

10. AIR and ETHER how they carry vibrations.

11. HOW and WHY ideas "flash" into the mind from unknown sources.

12. HISTORY of the Law of Success Philosophy, covering a period of over twenty-five years of scientific research and experimentation.

13. JUDGE ELBERT H. GARY reads, approves and adopts the Law of Success course.

14. ANDREW CARNEGIE responsible for beginning of Law of Success course.

15. LAW OF SUCCESS TRAINING - helps group of salespeople earn $1,000,000.00.


17. ORGANIZED EFFORT the source of all power.

18. HOW TO ANALYZE yourself.

19. HOW A SMALL FORTUNE was made from an old, worked-out, worthless (?) farm.

20. THERE'S A GOLD MINE in your present occupation if you will follow directions and dig for it.

21. THERE'S PLENTY OF READY CAPITAL for development of any practical idea or plan you may create.

22. SOME REASONS why people fail.

23. WHY HENRY FORD is the most powerful man on earth, and how others may use the principles, which give him his power.

24. WHY SOME PEOPLE antagonize others without knowing it.

25. THE EFFECT of sexual contact as a mind stimulant and health builder.

26. WHAT happens in the religious orgy known as the "revival."

27. WHAT we have learned from "Nature's Bible."

28. CHEMISTRY of the mind; how it will make or destroy you.

29. WHAT is meant by the "psychological moment" in Salesmanship.

30. THE MIND becomes devitalized - how to "recharge" it.

31. THE VALUE and meaning of harmony in all cooperative effort.

32. OF WHAT do Henry Ford's assets consist? The answer.

33. THIS IS THE AGE of mergers and highly organized co-operative effort.

34. WOODROW WILSON had in mind the law of the "Master Mind" in his plan for a League of Nations.

35. SUCCESS is a matter of tactful negotiation with other people.

36. EVERY HUMAN BEING possesses at least two distinct personalities; one destructive and one constructive.

37. EDUCATION generally misunderstood to mean instruction or memorizing of rules. It really means development from within, of the human mind, through unfoldment and use.

38. TWO METHODS of gathering knowledge, through personal experience and by assimilating the knowledge gained through experience by others.


Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,

Theodore Roosevelt, Wm. Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Napoleon Bonaparte,

Calvin Coolidge Jesse James.

40. AUTHOR'S "After-the-Lesson Visit."